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Our Organic Nanotech Wrapper is revolutionising cooling & energy storage. EnergiVault® has a crucial role to play in the new energy landscape.


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Increasing industrial and commercial cooling loads both within the UK and internationally mean that the demand for refrigeration and HVAC output continues to grow, year on year.

At the same time the cost of primary energy to produce industrial cooling is becoming highly volatile due to substantial increases in the proportion of renewable energy being fed into the Grid. Smoothing of electrical supply and demand, previously met by system inertia, now requires energy storage either in the form of electrical energy or thermal energy.

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O-Hx is the home of this patented technology, capable of storing and delivering vast amounts of thermal energy on demand to drive down the cost of cooling and provide hugely scalable energy storage.

Other thermal energy storage products have been limited by poor efficiency, limited charging and discharging flexibility and high costs. Ever increasing energy costs and a focus on net zero operations are key drivers for companies seeking more sustainable operations and reduced operating costs.

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EnergiVault technology represents a thermal storage system capable of providing cooling assistance to pre-existing or new working fluid-based cooling systems.

This technology can be designed to accommodate either short or long daily charging periods, and can deliver exceptionally high cooling rates, exceeding the charging rate by many multiples.

As an illustration, a 1MWht thermal store could be charged over a 16-hour period by utilizing a small charger rated at approximately 65kWt, and subsequently discharged at a cooling rate of 1MW per hour or 500kW for a 2-hour period.

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Organic Heat Exchangers Ltd is a technology-based firm founded in 2016 by Bob Long, a renowned engineer with more than 45 years of experience in refrigeration technology development. The company is committed to addressing the global demand for energy storage solutions, specifically in the cooling market, by leveraging its expertise in the science of thermal energy management.

O-Hx is headquartered in Lancashire, in the north-west of England, and is focused on building a sustainable operation that will remain rooted in the region as the company grows.

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EnergiVault® is the future of smart cooling
• Fully Integrateable
• Can stand alone, providing ultimate flexibility in new systems
• Increase system Capacity
• Controlled by Artificial Intelligence
• Gives the best operating economics

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can EnergiVault do for you?
Yes, During peak demand periods, such as early evening, the electricity supplied has a high carbon intensity. Conversely, off-peak periods, such as overnight, have a lower carbon intensity. EnergiVault systems, which are primarily used for load-shifting, directly contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.
Yes, EnergiVault can be optimized to offer the most economical cooling solution by utilising off-peak electricity to charge its thermal store, which can then be discharged during periods of peak pricing. This strategy takes advantage of the price differential between peak and off-peak periods.
The economic payback period for EnergiVault will vary depending on its operating mode, but for most customers, it is expected to be less than three years. In cases where it replaces new chillers for additional capacity installation, the payback period can be halved.
EnergiVault offers a significantly higher return on investment due to its lower purchase cost, minimal operating losses, reduced maintenance expenses, and sustained storage capacity throughout its lifespan.
No, The installation of the system has been designed to be minimally invasive, typically requiring no more than two connections to the existing refrigeration circuit.

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Organic Heat Exchangers (O-Hx) is the home of the patented “EnergiVault” technology, capable of storing and delivering vast amounts of thermal energy on demand to drive down the cost of cooling and provide infinitely scalable energy storage. 


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