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Organic Heat Exchangers Ltd is a technology-based firm founded in 2016 by Bob Long, a renowned engineer with more than 45 years of experience in refrigeration technology development. The company is committed to addressing the global demand for energy storage solutions, specifically in the cooling market, by leveraging its expertise in the science of thermal energy management. O-Hx is headquartered in Lancashire, in the north-west of England, and is focused on building a sustainable operation that will remain rooted in the region as the company grows.

At the core of O-Hx's offering is its patented technology, EnergiVault®, which is capable of storing and delivering significant amounts of thermal energy on demand, enabling the reduction of cooling costs and the provision of scalable energy storage. Unlike existing thermal energy storage products, EnergiVault® boasts high efficiency, flexibility in charging and discharging, and lower costs. This technology has been developed to address the ever-increasing demand for more sustainable and cost-effective operations, driven by the rise in energy costs and the focus on achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

In its initial phase, O-Hx will assemble the key thermal battery chargers in-house, with plans to outsource their assembly as sales grow, without significant investments in tooling. The company aims to exploit the commerciality of disruptive technologies through the utilisation of physics, engineering, and AI technology to create innovative energy management solutions. The EnergiVault® technology is the result of the team's dedication to delivering an ultimate economic energy management solution that can address the needs of the growing energy market.

In conclusion, Organic Heat Exchangers Ltd is a unique and dynamic player in the energy storage market, and its patented EnergiVault® technology is poised to revolutionize the thermal energy management industry. The company's commitment to sustainability and innovation, along with its founder's extensive experience, positions it as a leader in the field. O-Hx's plans for sustainable growth and the scalability of its technology make it an attractive partner for companies seeking more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable energy solutions.


The Team at O-Hx

Bob Long

Executive Chairman

Bob Long is a distinguished mechanical engineer who possesses over 45 years of experience in refrigeration and thermal energy management. Bob has established himself as an expert in refrigeration engineering, particularly in the development of innovative solutions in ice technology and industrial heat pumps. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Refrigeration, which is a testament to his expertise and contribution to the industry. Moreover, he is the proprietor of Coolideas Ltd, a specialist refrigeration engineering company.

Bob's academic qualifications include an HND in Marine Engineering from Liverpool John Moore and an MSc from Exeter. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Bob has also made significant contributions to the renewable energy sector. He is the founder Director of Natural Energy Wyre, a tidal energy power generation start-up, and has a profound understanding of the role of renewables in the UK's energy generation mix.

Bob recognises the need for effective integration of renewables with power grids and understands the value that EnergiVault thermal energy storage brings to this process. His deep understanding of the science of thermal energy management, coupled with his extensive experience in refrigeration engineering, has allowed him to develop a unique perspective on the energy storage sector. Bob's vision is to leverage his expertise to help companies transition towards more sustainable energy practices, while also ensuring their energy systems are cost-effective and efficient.

In summary, Bob Long is a seasoned mechanical engineer and entrepreneur with extensive experience in refrigeration engineering and thermal energy management. His deep understanding of the renewables sector and its integration with power grids makes him a valuable asset in the transition towards more sustainable energy practices. Bob's vision, backed by his impressive academic and professional qualifications, positions him as a leader in the energy storage industry.


David Grundy

Finance & Commercial Director

David is a highly experienced finance expert with a career spanning 25 years as a Chartered Accountant at Grant Thornton. His core focus was on corporate mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, and flotations, during which time he also held several senior management roles, including National Head of Transaction Services and North West Managing Partner.

Over the last decade, David has been operating as a portfolio corporate adviser, providing strategic advice and investing in a range of businesses. His expertise in early-stage and scale-up businesses has proven invaluable to many of his clients, with services including strategic planning, fundraising, corporate governance, financial management, and stakeholder management.

In addition to his role at EnergiVault, David has held several other key positions in various industries. These include Non-Executive Director at a listed retail energy company, Chairman of an insurance business, Non-Executive Director, and CFO at a private-equity funded software business, Retained Board Adviser to a legal practice, and Director of a tidal energy start-up.

David's extensive experience in finance, coupled with his strategic insight and ability to identify growth opportunities, have made him a highly respected figure in the industry. His ability to provide expert financial advice and guidance to a range of businesses, from start-ups to established corporations, has helped countless companies achieve their goals and succeed in a highly competitive market.


Geoff Barker

Product & Business Development Director

Geoff is a highly experienced new business specialist, having spent over 25 years developing new heating, cooling, and local generation businesses, including thermal storage, residential heat pumps, boilers, microCHP, and smart heating controls. Over the course of his career, he has worked for several companies, providing invaluable support for new product-based ventures through detailed market analysis, including market trends and drivers, value propositions, and routes to market.

Geoff's knowledge of demand-side energy technologies and their relationship to energy supply markets has allowed him to help many businesses secure funding, including venture capital, institutional investment, and private equity. His experience in market analysis and fundamental market insight is an essential component of a successful business plan.

Geoff's academic qualifications include a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Liverpool and an MSc in Engineering Management from Bristol University. He is also a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and a Chartered Engineer. His academic and professional achievements, coupled with his extensive experience in the new business sector, have made him a highly respected figure in the industry.

Geoff's ability to identify and capitalize on emerging trends in the energy sector has been instrumental in his success. His focus on developing sustainable energy solutions, coupled with his business acumen, has allowed him to create innovative products and services that have transformed the energy market. Geoff's vision for a more sustainable energy future, backed by his impressive qualifications and experience, positions him as a leader in the industry.


Dr. David Kane

Software Director (part-time)

Dr David Kane is an accomplished Chartered Engineer with an impressive track record of success in the energy industry. With a doctorate in optimisation and control of energy generation and storage systems, he possesses a wealth of experience in research and development, technology strategy, and commercial project delivery.
David's core expertise lies in the area of low-or-zero carbon energy technologies for generation and storage, Demand Side Response, Virtual Power Plants, and the Internet of Things. Throughout his career, David has held several notable positions in the industry, including Chief Technical Officer roles in energy storage and IoT companies, as well as senior global technical positions in Centrica PLC. He began his career in environmental sensing research and development with a leading global Oil and Gas OEM manufacturer.
As a consultant, David has worked with a diverse range of clients, including global automotive and energy OEMs, private equity companies in the UK and Switzerland, and public sector, SME, and blue-chip clients on commercial and innovation projects. His extensive experience in delivering research and development projects and providing technology strategy and project/technology due diligence has made him a valuable asset to many organisations. David's expertise in energy generation and storage technologies, coupled with his experience in commercial project delivery and strategic planning, has helped organisations to achieve their goals of reducing carbon emissions and achieving sustainable operations.
His dedication to developing innovative solutions has made him a highly respected and sought-after expert in the energy industry.

Darren Busby

IT and Digital Media

Darren is a highly experienced IT professional with a 35-year career spanning IT support, web service management, and social media management. With a strong educational background including completing the coveted CS50 Computer Science course from Harvard University, he possesses a deep understanding of computer systems, resolving hardware and software issues, managing web services, and executing successful social media campaigns.
He has worked for renowned companies in the UK, USA, Europe, and the UAE, adapting to diverse work cultures and driving business growth.
Continuously staying updated with emerging trends, Darren remains at the forefront of the rapidly evolving IT landscape, delivering exceptional services and innovative solutions.

Roger Ford


Roger is a seasoned professional with extensive experience leading research and development activities in both public and academic sectors. His notable career highlights include his leadership role in ICI's chlorine technology division, where he spearheaded significant advancements in the field.
He also established a research and development function at United Utilities, one of the largest water companies in the UK, and served as Chair of Innovation & Technology at the University of Salford, where he played a pivotal role in driving the institution's research agenda. Throughout his career, Roger has demonstrated a strong track record of success in early-stage businesses, particularly in the realm of international product development. His broad expertise, spanning multiple industries and sectors, brings valuable insight and perspective to any organization he serves.
As a seasoned executive, Roger is well-equipped to provide strategic guidance and leadership, working collaboratively with key stakeholders to drive innovation, growth, and competitive advantage. His extensive network and connections in the industry also add significant value to any venture he is associated with.

Tony McKee


Tony is a technical professional with an impressive track record in manufacturing and refrigeration, spanning over 25 years. He has a proven history of successfully leading projects and delivering exceptional products from concept through to full-scale production.

Throughout his career, Tony has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to professional growth and development, which has been a key factor in his success. His expertise in technical projects and customer-focused roles is well-established, and he has shown a remarkable ability to thrive in dynamic and challenging environments, particularly when managing New Product Introductions.

His strategies have consistently yielded successful outcomes. With extensive experience across multiple industries and sectors, Tony's knowledge is particularly renowned in the field of refrigeration and electro-mechanical products. One of Tony's greatest strengths lies in his ability to build and maintain strong relationships with multinational customers and OEMs worldwide.

He is known for providing technical solutions that not only meet compliance standards but also exceed expectations. Tony's educational background further complements his practical expertise. He holds an HND in Engineering from Lancaster University, a Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management, and most recently, he completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Robert Gordon University.


Organic Heat Exchangers (O-Hx) is the home of the patented “EnergiVault” technology, capable of storing and delivering vast amounts of thermal energy on demand to drive down the cost of cooling and provide infinitely scalable energy storage. 


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